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Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day when many people throughout Georgia plan on celebrating with their respective loved ones by going out to have a nice meal at a restaurant or bar, and maybe a drink or two.  Whether it be in Milledgeville, Sandersville, Athens, Augusta or Macon, if you plan on having one drink too many and you want to avoid a DUI, plan ahead and have a sober driver.  A cab ride, sober friend or designated driver will help get you home safely.

And of course, buckle up!  The Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety reminds everyone on Valentine's Day, as with any other day, to use your seat belts.  A reference to Georgia's seat belt laws has been provided on the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety site.

In other news, a recent Gwinnett Daily Post article highlights a downward trend in DUI convictions in Georgia and debates the reasons.  Among other reasons, an increase in the number of people refusing to take the State breath test may account for some of the drop as such refusal cases make it harder for prosecutors in some jurisdictions to obtain DUI convictions.  The article also discusses MADD's preference to have Georgia enact a law requiring first-time DUI offenders to be required to install an ignition locking device in their vehicle. 

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